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When it Rumbles

We have all experienced (either with ourselves or with partners, kids or family members) times when our digestive system plays up – such as rumbling in the tummy after we have eaten something ‘wrong’ or when we have got one of those stomach bug.

Looking at this from our body’s perspective supports us to understand what is happening. If we ingest something that the body cannot handle or digest, it has two quick ways to get rid of that instantly.

If it is a poison for our body that would interfere severely with its functions, we will vomit ‘that poison’ back out, and if it is not so severe, we may experience diarrhoea. These are the body’s fastest ways to detox something that we put into our body that is not supportive.

We often say that we can have “some foods in moderation” but for our body it is always black and white, meaning either food and drinks we consume are nurturing, building and healing so our body will and can digest it, or it is not digestible and therefore harming and a poison for our body.

After these times of detoxing, there is always the question of what to eat that supports an upset body and what it can handle when we feel able to eat again.

Especially during and after diarrhoea, there are foods that support the body to clear out what is not needed but also bind all those liquids that are rumbling around in our tummy.

Foods that are light, easy to digest and do not put more pressure on our digestive system but help it to rebuild are:

  • Mashed bananas–alternatively frozen Saba bananas from an Asian grocer or steamed plantain
  • Cooked quinoa red, black and tricolour quinoa
  • Quinoa flakes
  • Flaxseed meal
  • Grated apples preferably green or low-sugar red apples
  • Green banana flour
  • Steamed sweet potato (purple, yellow or white inside) and steamed taro.

Combining mashed banana, grated apple mixed with cooked quinoa, flaxseed meal and a tablespoon of green banana flour could be a first meal to settle the digestive system again and bind all the liquid floating around in the digestive system to release in a much gentler way.

Of course, prevention is preferable and is simply approached by not eating foods that the body cannot tolerate, but we are not perfect and need to know how to support our body in all circumstances.

Remember, a healthy digestive system is essential as it supports many functions in the body including our immune system, energy levels, mental health and vitality, hormonal system, reproductive system, recovery, heart health and much more.