Exhaustion: Breaking the Cycle

Our exhaustion programs are individually-tailored to support rebuilding of your health and vitality.

In our society feeling tired every day is quickly becoming accepted as a normal part of life.

We drag ourselves through each day propping ourselves up with more and more coffee, energy drinks and sugar. But with every sugar or caffeine high comes a lower crash that leaves you more exhausted than before, so your body is constantly depending on the next high to momentarily pick you up again.

It is possible, however, to step off this rollercoaster and restore a way of living that offers nurturing and  rejuvenation, turning this momentum around.

Intensive Programs

Total Health offers intensive programs (comprising nine session) with great success, incorporating Natural Medicine, Connective Tissue Therapy, Dry Needling and dietary/supplementation assessment and support as needed.

This nourishing and rejuvenating program supports the body to deeply rest over a three week period and can support to break the cycle of exhaustion: of un-rejuvenating sleep, poor eating and drinking and constant low energy.

Alternatively, this program can simply offer you the opportunity to deeply rest your body after a period of work intensity or stress.

How to Book

Sessions are available online or in-person
in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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