Cancer Support

Steffen Messerschmidt has studied and provided holistic and natural medicine treatment and support to people with cancer for over 30 years. He supports people in a holistic, non-invasive, non-toxic, empowering and deeply caring way. 

The Team at Total Health understands not only the physical aspects of the disease, but its impact on life, relationships, family and emotional and psychological factors as well. We understand the importance of supporting the immune system and immune system function for those undergoing cancer treatments.

Steffen supports individuals that are going through surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormonal, natural and alternative treatments. 

Total Health assists people with the aim of:

  • Reducing the lifestyle factors that have been proven to contribute towards cancer.
  • Supporting those suffering from side-effects of conventional, natural and alternative cancer treatments.
  • Holistic health support for those struggling with their diagnosis.

The therapies provided by Total Health complement conventional medicine, as well as natural medicine or alternative therapies.

Total Health works collaboratively with GP’s, oncologists, and other specialists.

Total Health also provides informative community and public presentations and professional development opportunities in relation to cancer support, prevention and therapies. The team is available for public presentations in schools, educational institutions, clinics, hospitals, private and non-profit organisations and community support groups.

How to Book

Sessions are available online or in-person
in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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