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Meet the Total Health Team: Steffen Messerschmidt leads a team that brings in-depth experience to offer an extensive array of Natural Medicine, Health Testing and Body Work Therapies.

Our Philosophy

At Total Health we understand that the body is the marker of truth. What this means is that the body is constantly showing us how our daily choices may be contributing to our state of well-being, health and vitality. 

Our approach is natural and age-old, founded on the understanding that our relationship with our body and the way we live has a substantial impact on our health and well-being. In other words: the way we eat, sleep, work, walk, exercise, play, communicate and interact with each other impacts our vitality significantly.

When we listen to the body’s early warning signs such as exhaustion, stress, nervous tension, anxiousness, bloating, muscle tension, pain, and other symptoms, we are given a head-start in addressing the need to change our lifestyle and start to live in a way that can better support harmony and vitality in the body before illness and disease occurs.

Total Health from Inside Out

At Total Health, we offer a comprehensive range of Natural Medicine and Holistic Health treatments, alongside complementary healing modalities which can be supportive in implementing changes that are needed when addressing conditions or ailments that you may be experiencing, and restore a natural feeling of health and vitality.

At Total Health we don’t simply focus on symptoms but rather look at the whole person. This approach supports you to live a fuller, healthier life, in harmony. This ultimately gives us the ability to enjoy life to a fuller potential.

At Total Health we are here to support. You will always receive a profound level of care whether you have a serious illness or would simply like assistance with general well-being and maintenance.

Our Approach

At Total Health we look at the outplay of a health issue, but in the context that our body naturally works in harmony or in scientific terms, in ‘homeostasis’. In other words, there is a natural inclination for the body to return to a state of wholeness and balance if we give the body true support.

There are various physical, emotional and energetic reasons that lead us to make lifestyle choices that eventually result in stages and developments that over time can result in a diagnosis or multiple diagnoses.

So, focusing on supporting the body to bring itself back to its natural harmony allows the body to rebuild and this provides a strong foundation to deal with any symptoms and health issues/illnesses that may arise.

The body can then return to a healthy and vibrant state and can deal with those interferences with much greater ease.

The foundation we work with today is that our body will always aim to work, rebuild, and recover if we supply the true environment and support it needs to do so.

To this end, we serve you and look forward to supporting you with your health and wellbeing.


Steffen Messerschmidt

Steffen Messerschmidt

Steffen Messerschmidt loves to support people’s health and well-being and is practical, holistic, and deeply caring in his approach. He holds a breath of knowledge and understanding of the human body and a precision in the way he applies this.

Linda Carlisle

Linda Carlyle

Linda takes on a multi-faceted role at Total Health, whether it is warmly welcoming clients upon arrival, handling client bookings and enquiries, fulfilling client orders, liaising with suppliers, carrying out product support, and assisting wherever needed.

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