At Total Heath we understand that ailments, injuries, illness, and disease rarely happen overnight, but usually come as a result of accumulated lifestyle choices over an extended period of time.

It may have taken weeks, months or even years to develop a bad back, RSI or adrenal exhaustion, for example. In such situations the body will often need ongoing support to truly heal and re-correct the disharmonious patterns and momentums that lead to the ill condition.

At Total Health we offer personalised programs – which are a series of treatment sessions specifically designed to support healthy lifestyle choices while rebuilding and restoring the body to its natural state of balance, harmony and vitality.

Total Health utilises a wide range of supportive treatments in our programs, including Natural Medicine, Naturopathy, Musculoskeletal Therapy, Sports Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine,  Psychoneuroimmunology and Universal Medicine Therapies.

Total Health programs include detoxes, digestive rebuilding, cancer support, fertility management, exercise programs, injury rehabilitation, pain management, ankle and knee rebuilding and more.

Contact the clinic on 0405 845 753 or talk to us in your next session about program options.