MTT: Proprioceptive Training

If you lose our proprioception due to injury, operation or as part of the ageing process, proprioceptive training may support you to rebuild your balance, strength, confidence and body awareness.

A prominent aspect of MTT is Proprioceptive Training. Proprioception is our perception and control over the position of the body in space through our receptors (muscle spindles and tendon spindles, receptors in joints and within the skin).

At Total Health we offer comprehensive personalised Medical Training Therapy programs to support your body to return to its optimal level of health and vitality.

MTT – Proprioceptive Training Brisbane

Aims of Proprioceptive Training

  • Improvement of reactions to external stimuli
  • Adequate use of power during everyday exertion or exertion during sport
  • Active joint protection
  • Optimisation of body posture and motion processes
  • Improvement of motion and energy efficiency
  • Enhancement of already learned motion patterns
  • Prevention of falls, safety in motion for everyday tasks and sports specific motion processes
  • Elimination of neurological and musculoskeletal weaknesses
  • Self-confidence and well-being

How to Book

Sessions are available online or in-person
in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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