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The human body is profound and intricate by design, yet how it works is not complicated. It is actually simple and we can use this understanding to our advantage.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of health information available that does not actually support us to experience true physical and mental health and well-being in our lives. We can sometimes make health and lifestyle choices based on incomplete or misleading  information and wonder why we are not truly well.

At Total Health we offer a series of workshops, seminars and health talks that present an understanding about the body in a practical, fun, and insightful way.

Our presentations explore a wide range of topics including acute and chronic physical health conditions, mental health, lifestyle and nutrition, cancer, weight management, children’s health and more…

Total Health presentations are designed to empower people to make loving and supportive choices for their body, health and life without needing a science degree. It is simple to truly care for your own health and well-being through connecting to and understanding the body.

Through his extensive study of the human body, Steffen Messerschmidt has learned that through love and care we can all experience health, vitality and joy in our daily lives.

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We have a variety of pre-recorded webinars available for purchase. Each package includes an audio recording of the webinar as well as a PDF of th presentation slides.

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8-day Health and Wellbeing Retreat

Join us for this retreat held in ancient country that is Vietnam focusing on true self-care and self-nurturing offering a variety of services specifically designed to support you to establish a foundation in your health and wellbeing.