Fertility Management

At Total Health we support clients to examine lifestyle factors that might contribute to conception difficulties and to identify ways of eliminating factors that might impact on the development of a healthy baby.

As many as 1 in 6 couples experience conception difficulties for various reasons. These can include toxicity, high acid levels, pollution, emotional stress, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, age, infections, poor immune system, drugs, poor diet and nutrition, and more.

We recommend that potential parents both undertake a detox and cleansing of their bodies for three to six months before they attempt to fall pregnant.

Fertility Detox Program

Our detox program includes a healthy diet to provide the essential nutrients to produce healthy sperm and eggs.

Smoking, alcohol, and recreational drugs should be completely eliminated during detox, and it is important to avoid exposure to any chemicals or toxins such as cleaning products, paints, and other fumes.

Three hours of gentle exercise per week is recommended to reduce stress and increase pelvic circulation, both aiding in promoting conception. Exercise can also assist to maintain weight, as this can be a factor in conceiving.

As part of the detox process, we can offer high-quality supplements and remedies to assist you and your partner towards your healthiest capacity for planned conception. It is important to support the health of both partners, by optimising male reproductive health – including a healthy and high quantity sperm count – and female reproductive health to ensure an optimum environment for a baby to grow in.

Total Health offers tailored and holistic care programs that involve assisting both potential parents to support a healthy and vital baby into the world.

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