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Natural Medicine & Naturopathy

The foundation of Natural Medicine and Naturopathy is the philosophy of the ‘healing power of nature’.

This means that the body has its own healing ability within and with the help of naturopathic treatments and supportive lifestyle choices, the body can repair itself and recover from illness, returning to a healthy and supportive environment.

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Naturopathic Health Check

A naturopathic health check will help determine your level of health and well-being. The check-up looks at certain markers in the body that are known to reflect true health, well-being and vitality.

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Nutritional Medicine and Orthomolecular Medicine

Nutrition is essential for our well-being. Adequate nutrition relies not only on healthy food, but the body’s physiological processes and lifestyle. Adequate nutrition and supplementation are both important to supporting the body’s health and vitality. Both modern day farming practices and environmental factors impact on the nutritional quality of foods that we eat. Thus, specialised consultation to tailor nutrition and supplementation is key. 

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Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)

Psychoneuroimmunology, often referred to as PNI, is the union of medical disciplines that have long been isolated in western conventional medicine: Psychology, Neurology and Immunology.

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Musculoskeletal Therapy (MST)

Musculoskeletal Therapy assesses and physically treats muscular and connective tissue pain, injury and dysfunction affecting movement and mobility.

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Holistic Sports Medicine

Steffen Messerschmidt has extensive experience treating professional athletes and sports people for the injuries and ailments that often arise as a result of sustained high-level competition.

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Medical Training Therapy (MTT)

Medical Training Therapy is an active form of therapy that utilises a range of specialty exercises including stretching, strengthening, co-ordination and fitness training to build up strength, mobility and freedom of movement in the body.

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MTT: Proprioceptive Training

If we lose our proprioception due to injury, operation or as part of the ageing process, proprioceptive training can support the patient to rebuild their balance, strength, confidence and body awareness.

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Natural Performance Optimisation

At Total Health our approach to Natural Performance Optimisation focuses on bringing an athlete as near as possible to his or her physiological limit of performance through biological, energetic and naturopathic means, in co-ordination with an optimal training program.

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Gym Set Up and Training Programs

Steffen offers consultations for setting up tailored exercise training programs and home and corporate gyms and fitness centres.

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Detox and Weight Management

Our bodies are exposed to many external and internal toxins at any given time. The human body detoxes throughout the day and night, and at times needs tailored and specialised support
due to our lifestyle, environment and physiology. Therefore, safe and effective detoxing is crucial and should be considered as part of a health maintenance routine. Detoxification and weight management often go hand-in-hand. Supporting your body’s natural weight is important for vitality, quality of living and fitness for life.

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Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle choices have a far greater impact on our health than many people realise.

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Emotional Release and Stress Management

Stress, anxiety and depression, although considered mental or psychological conditions, also have a basis in the physiology of the body.

At Total Health we support people to understand the physical and physiological aspects of stress, anxiety and depression and how this can influence our mood, energy levels and general well-being.

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Exhaustion: Breaking the Cycle

Our exhaustion programs are individually tailored to support rebuilding of your health and vitality.

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Pain Management

At Total Health we have extensive experience in pain management. For over 10 years Steffen has travelled overseas to work in a busy hospital that treats large numbers of pain patients on a daily basis. We plan to continue this work as travel opens up.

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Injury and Rehabilitation Programs

With his expertise in Natural Medicine, Steffen Messerschmidt is able to offer many ways to support the body (including supplements, herbs and dietary advice) when recovering from injury, illness, chronic illness, operation or wound healing.

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Universal Medicine Therapies

Universal Medicine Therapies (also known as Esoteric Therapies) are an array of energy-based therapies offering support to individuals suffering from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

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Preconception and Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy is a very beautiful time for a woman, and to support the health and vitality of the mother and child to be, it is important that a healthy lifestyle is maintained throughout the pregnancy and breastfeeding stages.

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Fertility Management

At Total Health we support to reduce factors that contribute to conception difficulties and create an optimal environment for producing a healthy baby.

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Children's Health

Total Health approaches children’s health in a practical, fun and informative manner that supports families with understanding health and ill conditions, how the body works and how to best care for the body from a young age.

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Senior and Elderly Support

At Total Health we have redefined health and vitality as a state of being that we can continue to build and develop as we grow older.

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Cancer Support

Cancer is a disease of the body which Steffen Messerschmidt has studied and provided holistic and natural medicine treatment and support to people for over 30 years. His approach to treating cancer is holistic, non-invasive, non-toxic, informative and deeply caring. 


Clinical Supervision and Mentoring

With over 30 years of clinical and teaching experience and extensive study of the human body, Steffen Messerschmidt offers supervision and mentoring to support health care practitioners.

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Webinars & Workshops

At Total Health we offer a series of workshops, seminars and health talks that present all the information that we’d love everyone to know in a practical, straightforward and joyful way.