Holistic Sports Medicine

Steffen Messerschmidt has extensive experience treating professional athletes and sports people for the injuries and ailments that often arise as a result of sustained high-level competition.

With a comprehensive approach that combines biological, energetic, and naturopathic measures, he has achieved great success in this field.

Today, Steffen also incorporates an array of modalities into his Sports Medicine treatments. In his experience these modalities are deeply supportive of the body’s natural ability not only to heal itself, but also to perform close to the body’s  physiological limits. They also offer a deeper understanding and appreciation for how the body functions, providing a truly holistic perspective.

Holistic Sports Medicine

Steffen's approach with Holistic Sports Medicine is to identify:

1. What factors lead to the body breaking down to then becoming prone to injury or illness.

2. What is required for the body to fully recuperate, rebuild and be capable of performing at its naturally optimum level, for the long term.

And most importantly…

3. How to retain the body’s natural vitality during performance without pushing beyond the body’s limits of capacity.

The therapies applied are not invasive, non-manipulative and gentle in their application.

How to Book

Sessions are available online or in-person
in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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