Detox and Weight Management

Our bodies are exposed to many external and internal toxins at any given time. The human body detoxes throughout the day and night, and at times needs tailored and specialised support due to our lifestyle, environment and physiology. Therefore, safe and effective detoxing is crucial and should be considered as part of a health maintenance routine. Detoxification and weight management often go hand-in-hand. Supporting your body’s natural weight is important for vitality, quality of living and fitness for life.

Toxins are a reality of everyday life. A toxin is any type of built-up-waste – from food (sugar, preservatives, artificial substances), alcohol, cigarette smoke, chemicals, medications, mould, parasites, heavy metals, stress and more.

These ‘built-up’ waste products can have irritating or harmful effects on the body. 

It is like having two waste/garbage bins in a house and only removing one each day, whilst the second bin is stored in rooms, cupboards and wardrobes throughout the house. After a while the house becomes very toxic, smelly and requires a heavy-duty clean.

There are two types of toxins, external toxins and internal toxins:

  • External toxins are all around us. They are substances that we eat, drink, breathe in, take on emotionally and have skin contact with.
  • Internal toxins are produced inside our bodies. Some of these are part of our body’s normal processes; others are produced only when we are sick, stressed or emotional.

As toxins enter the body, the body will naturally respond by covering these toxins in excess fat and water, therefore the more you are exposed to, the more your body will store fat to coat the excess of toxins. 

What does this mean? 

The body’s natural protective method which cause us to carry extra kilograms of fat and water to hold and dilute toxic waste, can potentially cause illness and disease as these toxins circulate and deposit themselves into our vital organs.

Symptoms of toxicity include weight gain, bloating, indigestion, recurrent illness/infections, chronic illness,  arthritis, skin conditions, tiredness, fatigue,  mental exhaustion/fogginess, poor memory, insomnia, body soreness, body odour and more.

Regardless of your body shape or health status, we recommend detoxing a minimum of once a year over a 12-week period. By cleansing and detoxifying, we are cleaning out our body (our most valuable asset) and then replenishing it with the nutrients it needs.

Total Health’s detox programs easily fit into anybody’s busy schedule and usually don’t require fasting. Programs include a combination of Natural Medicine, Naturopathy, Nutrition and Dry Needling to take care of you on every level.

Weight Management

How we feel in our bodies day-to-day is important. Our weight not only impacts our confidence but also our energy levels, sleep, performance, physiology, and engagement in life. Supporting our natural body weight is a significant contributor to well-being.

At Total Health we assist with all forms of weight management from losing weight and gaining weight, to maintaining a healthy weight.

This process is supported by a holistic approach. A healthy body is able to regulate its natural weight and therefore does not hold onto unnecessary kilos and will be able to keep or add weight as needed. 

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