Total Health From Inside Out Pty Ltd

Sessions with Steffen Messerschmidt are available from the UniMed Brisbane Clinic in Fairfield Brisbane and from our Gold Coast Clinic. Phone Steffen: 0405 845 753

Services offered:

Natural medicine, nutritional and orthomolecular medicine
Naturopathic health checks
Muscular skeletal therapy
Pregnancy support
Pain management, injury and rehabilitation programs
Cancer support
Esoteric Chakra-puncture
Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy
Level 5 Nadi Healing
Esoteric Healing and Energetic Facial Release

Treatments are available for women, men and children of all ages.

Read More at the UniMed Brisbane website.

For bookings at UniMed Brisbane or our Sunshine Coast clinic
phone Steffen on 0405 845 753