Injury and Rehabilitation Programs

With his expertise in Natural Medicine, Steffen Messerschmidt is able to offer many ways to support the body (including supplements, herbs and dietary advice) when recovering from injury, illness, chronic illness, operation or wound healing.

Injuries often occur as a result of wearing down the systems in our body over a long period of time.

This may be through general day-to-day or work activities, such as carrying objects that are too heavy, or by getting through the day in tension, drive and strain, or can come through pushing the body beyond its physical and physiological capacity in sports and exercise.

When we run our body in a way that exhausts and depletes us, we naturally become far more prone to injury and illness.

Steffen always treats the body as a whole, looking at the physical, emotional and energetic dynamics behind injuries and illness.

He utilises biological, energetic, and naturopathic measures, in co-ordination with a personalised rehabilitation program to enhance and optimise the body’s natural ability to restore itself, which can reduce recovery times after injury.

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How to Book

Sessions are available online or in-person
in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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