Steffen Messerschmidt

Steffen Messerschmidt loves to support people’s health and well-being and is practical, holistic, and deeply caring in his approach. He holds a breath of knowledge and understanding of the human body and a precision in the way he applies this.

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Steffen is dedicated to assisting others that are recovering from multi-symptomatic health problems and serious illness, accident or injury. On a daily basis he supports a wide range of people including those recovering from chronic illness, and those living with debilitating conditions such as heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disease.

Steffen has an appreciation for the magic of the human body, its mechanisms and ability to heal and restore itself. With this, he inspires people to reclaim and rebuild their body’s health and vitality. Staying  up-to-date with the latest in health, well-being and science is a priority that Steffen dedicates himself to in his daily life. He shares from what he lives.

Steffen has an extensive clinical background with more than 30 years of experience working in Europe, USA, North Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Steffen originally undertook studies in Medicine in the USA before he left the path of training of becoming a conventional medical doctor and went on to study Holistic Sports Medicine, and Rehabilitation. Following this, he studied Natural Medicine at the Paracelsus College in Germany.

Further to this, Steffen undertook studies in Nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine at the University of Lisbon, along with studies at the AEP Academy in Spain obtaining a degree in Nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine. For a period of five years, he worked closely, assisted, and studied with leading specialists in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology and Epigenetics.

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For many years, Steffen ran a private practice and lectured internationally for the European Paracelsus College, sport associations, sport colleges, sport institutions, national and international conferences and universities in: Natural Medicine, Musculoskeletal Therapy, Sports Medicine, Nutritional Medicine and Injection Therapy (including German Neural Therapy, Biomesotherapy, Intra-muscular Vitamin Injections and Dry Needling). 

With a Sports Medicine background treating trauma and injuries, Steffen looked for more holistic and gentle ways to support the body to recover from illness and injury and from the impositions of lifestyle, without invasive manipulation and harsh manual therapies.

Since 2006, Steffen has studied the Ageless Wisdom and this supported a significant deepening of how to support the body from an ‘energy first’ approach, while applying all the practical necessities that a healing body requires. From an energetic quality first approach he realises that it is his own soundness of well-being and health that communicates greater than a set of exercises or health instructions. He sees the enormous support that ‘walking the talk’ brings to himself and his patients on a daily basis, and he remains a student of this science and the responsibility it represents.

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Today, Steffen practices a mode of musculoskeletal therapy that helps the body to gently re-align. It is non-invasive, painless, non-manipulative and can support acute or chronic muscle, spinal, joint problems or pain. Alongside Musculoskeletal Therapy, Steffen’s focus is on general (non-medical) practice supporting individuals experiencing a wide range of acute and chronic health conditions or simply seeking a deeper sense of vitality and well-being in their body and in their daily lives.

Steffen Messerschmidt shares his passion, care and love for the human body at conferences, workshops and colleges. He has conducted professional development and educational training, workshops, and health presentations for medical, nursing, allied health, complementary health, sports/exercise professionals and hospital workers in Australia, Europe, North Africa, USA, New Zealand and Asia. He travels and volunteers his time to work and teach in hospitals in Vietnam and hosts educational health presentations and webinars locally and internationally.

Steffen has developed an appreciation of all aspects of medicine and healing, through his studies, clinical experience, and professional collaboration with medical, nursing, allied health and complementary medicine practitioners.

This combination of natural, and complementary medicine and therapies, paired with his appreciation for the role of conventional medicine interventions where necessary, has become the foundation from which he now applies a vast knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the human body – its anatomy, mechanics, biochemistry, and physiology.

Steffen brings an enriching, holistic and detailed approach to supporting people. This includes a whole-being and whole-person approach, which does not just focus on mechanics of the human body. His depth of care is not only very practical and grounding but also offers others a stronger foundation in life.