Steffen Messerschmidt

Steffen Messerschmidt has been supporting people with their health and well-being for the past 35 years. He brings a practical, holistic and caring quality to his clinic work and is a natural well-being educator through his writing, webinars and workshops.

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Alcohol and Health

Often when clients choose to look after themselves by adopting a healthier lifestyle, alcohol comes up as something that does not support improving health. Some clients report having attended a function or experienced a family gathering that was an ‘alcohol-free event’ – this is something that we will see more regularly now as it is

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Without a doubt, the best approach to sunburn is prevention rather than cure. What is sunburn? Sunburn is a first-degree burn, the skin’s reaction to UV (ultraviolet radiation) in the sunlight.  It can go hand in hand with skin that has become red and tender.  A second-degree burn is more severe with the burn penetrating

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