Preparing Beans and Legumes

Preparing Beans & Legumes

You will need:

A large glass, ceramic or stainless-steel mixing bowl.


Place 4 cups of beans into the bowl and fill with filtered water. Soak for 24 hours.

Beans will triple in size after 12 hours – change the water at this time.

Drain beans into a colander after 24 hours and wash before cooking.

Lentils and mung beans need less soaking time – recommended 4 – 12 hours.

Soaking reduces cooking times, but more importantly, rids the chance of developing excess gas which may occur during the digestive process.

Place soaked beans into a cooking pot and cover with water (approximately 10cm of water above the beans as a measurement).

Estimated Cooking times:

Bean Type                           Pot                              Pressure Cooker

Chickpeas                            1.5 hours                    9 minutes

Kidney Beans                      40 minutes                 4 minutes

Black Eyed Beans               40 minutes                 4 minutes

Pinto or Navy Beans          40 minutes                 4 minutes

Broad Beans                       40 minutes                 4 minutes

Mung beans                        30 minutes                 3 minutes

Any other beans                 40 minutes                 5 minutes

Lentils                                 20-40 minutes           5 minutes

Always check that beans and legumes are soft before removing from cooktop.

When the beans are cooled, drain and place them into sealed containers. They can then be stored in the fridge for a week or frozen for up to 3 months.

36 beans