Sacred Esoteric Healing

This gentle hands-on healing therapy is based on the understanding that everything in life is energy and therefore everything occurs because of energy. Sacred Esoteric Healing works in collaboration with and is never a replacement for conventional western medicine, it supports a person in their understanding of illness and disease at an energetic level.

Sacred Esoteric Healing can support people to reconnect to their essence.

All of the ill conditions that we experience in life, whether it be depression, anxiety, relationship issues, back pain, sleeplessness, stress, exhaustion through to chronic illness and disease come as a result of living in a way that is disharmonious to our natural essence.

Many of us can remember this essence from when we were small children, when we were overflowing with joy, had a contentedness that allowed us to play by ourselves for hours and our days were rich and vital. Even if this was not your experience as a child, we all have this same beautiful spark within us, and it is natural for us to live this way as adults.

Sacred Esoteric Healing supports the client to reconnect and surrender to this natural essence and let go of any accumulated layers of hurt and protection that are getting in the way of them living this quality in their daily life. Many have attested to Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions leaving them feeling lighter with a greater sense of clarity, connection, freedom, settlement, confidence and/or joy.

How to Book

Sessions are available online or in-person
in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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