Universal Medicine Therapies

Universal Medicine Therapies (also known as Esoteric Therapies) are an array of energy-based therapies offering support to individuals suffering from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

Available in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Esoteric Therapies

Esoteric Therapies (also referred to as Universal Medicine Therapies) offer a truly all-encompassing approach to life, healing and well-being.

Available in Brisbane & Gold Coast


Chakra-puncture is based on the oldest form of medicine, pre-dating both the Chinese and Japanese forms of acupuncture. It uses very fine Japanese needles for a light, gentle and painless needling technique on the surface of the skin to realign the body to its natural harmonious state.

Available in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapies

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a hands-on healing therapy that works directly with the connective tissue system supporting at an energetic level the restoration of a deep sense of balance and well-being that can support the natural healing of the client physically and emotionally.

Available in Brisbane & Gold COast

Esoteric Massage

Esoteric Massage is a deeply relaxing and gentle form of massage that de-constructs the stresses, tensions and strains that can accumulate throughout the day by returning the body to its natural harmony and flow.

Available in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Energetic Facial Release

With delicate and precise hand movements, the Energetic Facial Release is deeply stilling and relaxing, and clients often attest to feeling more open, free and surrendered in the face after receiving this treatment. It is like having the mask that we put on for the world stripped away to feel our beautiful essence underneath.

Available in Brisbane & Gold COast

Esoteric Yoga

Total Health offers the modality of Esoteric Yoga and Body Awareness in private and group sessions in Australia as well as on his overseas travel.

Available in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Sacred Esoteric Healing

This gentle hands on healing therapy is based on the understanding that everything in life is energy and therefore everything occurs because of energy. SEH works in collaboration with conventional western medicine to holistically treat ailments, illness and disease at an energetic level.