Energetic Facial Release

With delicate and precise hand movements, the Energetic Facial Release is deeply stilling and relaxing, and clients often attest to feeling more open, free, and surrendered in their face and body after receiving this treatment. It is like having the mask that we put on for the world stripped away to feel our beautiful essence underneath.

It is common for people to store their emotions such as anger, frustration, tension or sadness in the face. Over time these ingrained emotions can start to become a part of a person’s facial features, reflecting their state of being from the inside out. 

With its foundations dating back to Ancient Egyptian times, the Energetic Facial Release is a gentle yet powerful hands-on healing therapy that helps release the stored-up emotions and stresses that we hold in the face. 

Because the face is energetically linked to the whole body, the entire body can receive a healing at a deep energetic level as a result of this modality Releasing the tension from the face offers the body a deeper relaxation.

How to Book

Sessions are available online or in-person
in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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