Esoteric Therapies

Esoteric Therapies offer a truly all-encompassing approach to life, healing and well-being.

The word ‘esoteric’ is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘esoterikos’, meaning within or innermost. The ancient Greek philosophers understood that the key to a healthy and joyful life was to live from their inner-most; from the divine essence that is equally within us all.

Living esoterically is natural to us, and many of us can remember this beautiful feeling from when we were children, but as we grow up, our current form of society does not encourage and support our inner-most essence to be. This is to our detriment, as living who we truly are is a form of medicine. Alternatively, living in opposition to our natural essence creates a disharmony in the body and can cause emptiness, exhaustion and eventually illness and disease.

“… whatever is truly good and thus whatever brings true harmony and vitality, make it your everyday medicine by living it in full.” ~ Serge Benhayon 

The Esoteric is a practical, loving, and harmonious way of life that understands that human beings are more than just flesh and bones and that the quality in which we live our life has a ripple effect on ourselves, other people, nature and the universe. 

This includes everything we do and the way we live our life, and considers every choice we make. It offers a missing link to the current medical system, supporting a person to understand and deal with the energetic, emotional and lifestyle factors that may contribute to ill conditions. This can empower oneself to take responsibility for making loving and healthy lifestyle choices moving forward. 

The Esoteric Therapies can offer complementary support to people throughout the entire process of receiving necessary medical treatment. Addressing all emotional, mental, physical, and energetic factors allows for true healing to occur.

“As you ought not to attempt to cure the eyes without the head, or the head without the body, so neither ought you to attempt to cure the body without the soul… For the part can never be well unless the whole is well.” ~ Plato
Esoteric Therapies are not a replacement or alternative to conventional Western Medicine; rather they work in collaboration with conventional practices and provide a holistic understanding and support for individuals suffering from a range of conditions. It supports a unified approach to aiding true health and well-being.

Esoteric Therapies allow for all disciplines and specialist fields under the broader banner of Medicine, such as Western Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Natural Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, and Complementary Medicine to have their place working together as part of the greater whole to support the human being on every level.

UM Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

Total Health also incorporates Universal Medicine Therapies into some of the offered service categories like Natural Medicine and Musculoskeletal Therapy. In our experience these therapies are supportive of the body’s natural ability to heal itself, and offer a deeper understanding and appreciation for how the body functions, providing a truly holistic perspective.

Universal Medicine Therapies have been developed by Serge Benhayon to offer a broad spectrum of complementary-to-medicine healing modalities.

Total Health is accredited with the Esoteric Practitioner’s Association (EPA) to deliver Universal Medicine Therapies as taught by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The EPA is a branch of Universal Medicine that was instigated by Universal Medicine to support the development and assessment of UM practitioners, and is the accrediting body of Universal Medicine Therapies. To learn more about the therapies offered, see: Universal Medicine Therapies.

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